Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Things I Wish I Didn't Say But Now I'm Posting Them Instead

Douglas McDaniel  I think Jon Voight makes a excellent spokesperson for the Republican Party, if only because he did such a good job of revealing the far right's platform on "24."

Douglas McDaniel CORRECTION: In the Mythville MetaMedia cookbook, "How to Kill a Vampire Cookbook," kindly replace the phrase "drive a stake through the heart" with the words, "Serve Them Steak for Forty or So Years." The publisher truly regrets the error ...

Douglas McDaniel I don't want to live in a country where I need to own a gun, but I'm okay with a nation where I really, really need to vote ... which is why a Fox News brand of political actors stirring up hate for about a third of the population still raging around their suicide cult of elitist leaders is of no consequence to me ...

Douglas McDaniel The whole world isn't watching anymore. In the morning, there will be a rush on rubber ferryman boats navigable for the River Styxx at aisle thirteen at Wal Mart ... aye!

OK, that's part of it ... but I need to dig and dig, because, well, I still can't believe Congress is willing to do its job ... to govern all of the people, not just the Plutocracy or porks in barrels, those poor bastards ... And so I almost called a crisis hotline today. But I felt good. Just thinking forwardly. In fact, I put it on my cell phone to schedule a crisis call for later in the week. Next, I scheduled a year of crisis phone calls, with emotional breakdowns scheduled in, as well. Because if I have to do any more apologizing, being lukewarm and polite on into the new Utopia, I will go completely mad. Hence, this post ... See, I'm all better now!:)

Douglas McDaniel
Lukewarm Book Publisher

As they say, (well, I say), creativity isn't pretty

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