Saturday, October 8, 2011

Welcome to the Occupation

Occupy Earth First!
"My mom was a victim of the economic crash created by banksters and other financial big-wigs playing their rich people's games. I passionately believe she'd still be alive if her job hadn't been eliminated. I passionately believe my mother would still be alive if, three days later, she hadn't been evicted by her realtor landlady who was undergoing her own house foreclosure so that she (suffering landlady) could live there instead. Those who pushed the economy into free fall killed my mom as surely as if they'd put a gun to her head. Oh yeah, this time it's personal."
~ Jaimie Ondrea Dunn
The best thing I heard all week from a talking head on one of the cable TV news shows was this: "The problem isn't scarcity. The world is abundant. The problem is distribution."
Steve Jobs passing is a little like losing Imhotep, culturally speaking ..
Trying to figure out how this sentence, spoken by a U.S. Forest Service official in Sedona, Arizona, might sound in the U.S. Supreme Court with a discussion on the First Amendment on the calendar: “We’re in the process of analyzing five new [permits] for metaphysicals.”
Koch brothers made secret deals with Iran? Gee, now I'm starting wonder if there are any Reagan Library books left to check out?
Think I'll go outside and carve the carnivorous beast for the Occupy Meteor City gathering, which so far includes a couple of buzzards and a strange hippie chick claiming a moon rock fell on her pet emu ... which tastes a lot like chicken, turns out ...
Kids don't drive the market. Parents do, or, basically anyone who is willing to bear the seven deadly hells of whichever pharmaceutical and ointment and lux-o-mobile they need to drive to take their kids to the market, the soccer games and so on ... But parents, be warned: You can't just leave your kids by the television anymore to catch your breath. The Man is onto you ...
Gov. Christie should run for president? Run at the mouth, maybe. His sentiments seem to mimic what Obama is already saying about the middle class, especially the if I get condemned for supporting the tax the rich crowd, then so be it. It's the middle class against congress, both hardline GOP and moderate democrats feeding off the gravy train of the corporate lobbyists whose donations are the real "votes" in this country.
... Violence is as violence does, but non-violence, now that makes all of the difference in the new world ...
 This dream I had when I was a teen.
 A day when gravity forgot to suck
That is the day when we will really be asking: "What color is your parachute."
There's this Out of Africa Park nearby and my wolfie dog refuses to step very far from our door due to the stench of the combined beasts in the breeze.
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    The right wing swingers are hoping the Occupy Wall Street movement will turn violent, but I think most of those in the street now saw the Gandhi movie ... T Partiers missed that day in Bible school ... Otherwise, who the hell are you? The religious reactionary sect raving about states' rights is only inviting the wolf closer to your door. O, go on ahead. Lock and load. You have your reward.

Books by author and Mythville creator Douglas McDaniel on E-bay, signed, but don't let that get in the way, despite the damage ...

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