Friday, June 16, 2017

Just follow the gas, man ... follow the gas

I have ceased my Facebook friend's list policy of deleting Trump supporters. This practice only increases the sense of isolation and division in social media. My perspective is "liberal" because after many years of journalism and moving around in the U.S. I have witnessed the cruelties of conservative administrations first hand. However, we can all learn from each other. Healing this country has got to begin with civilized discourse between those with opposing views, as opposed to flaming one another like this whole electronic real-time medium is a weapon in some kind of civil war.


It's going to be 120 degrees in Phoenix, Arizona next week, where the only people who are happy are those looking forward to the punishment of the Lord.


First of all, the wealthy will always get their legislation passed, no matter who is running the show. Second, the intelligence agencies have a lot more to gain by sustaining fear of foreign enemies than wading into inside-job-style political shennanigans on the domestic front.

That's way too risky. The last thing they want is peace with Russia. Cuts into their budget requests. Foreign trade deals weren't favored by Trump or Clinton, a campaign meme masterminded by Bernie Sanders. In this case, instead of following the money, we should follow the fake news.

Critical metadata was stolen from the Democratic party. What did the hackers do with it? It was given to the Russians, which is where the key part of the whole collusion with the Trump campaign and the Kremlin rests.

That voter data was used to bomb swing state voters with disinformation, with the additional value of it going viral nationwide, which is why my kids thought the Clinton family ran a child pornography ring, Bill Clinton was a convicted serial rapist, and many other low-information voters took the fake news bait.

The whole thing would need to be a massive undertaking but pretty damn cheap. That's where Breitbart, Cambridge Analytics and all of the other fake news bots come in. If that can't be proven, then the whole Trump-Putin-collusion investigation goes soft, and the administration can escape the net by discrediting the whole thing as a conspiracy of Obama-lovin' leakers against them.

Therefore, the Occam's Razor of this is two entities with the most to gain were involved. A politically desperate Trump and his dubious oligarch friends Russia and elsewhere, and Putin, who wanted reduced sanctions to power up the Rosneft gasopoly. This is about gas, man. Gas. Gas. Gas. Why the fuck else would Rex Tillerson be secretary of state?


Republicans want us to tone down the rhetoric. Okay then. They misjudged the weapons of mass destruction threat in Iraq and caused some unhappiness and confusion in the region. They let Wall Street delete the economy, no sorry (too harsh) ... the chance for the middle class to have a really neat life. They elected Donald Trump, who is really doing his very best but it's not very good. He sold us out (hmmmm ..."negotiated") to the Russians, but really once you get to know them their leaders are really nice people. Putin is actually a pretty funny guy. Now they want to kill (Jeesh! Oh Gandhi, help me!) 25 million sick Americans who can't seem to pull themselves up by their own darned bootstraps and cure themselves. And no, I don't own a gun.


Is there some rule for poetry in The New Yorker where at least one word is so arcane it sends you scrambling for the dictionary, and if you don't provide that seldom heard word, they will provide one for you?


Wow, I'm earning micropayments for poetry. If I lived in Milton's time, I'd be one rich fucking bastard


Love is God's money.

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